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Be careful with what you post on social media accounts

It seems as though social media is a primary source of communication these days. If you are going through a divorce, it might be best to avoid the temptation of airing out the grievances regarding the situation on these public websites. Even if you have your profiles set to where only friends can view them, there is always a chance that someone will share the information you post with your ex either through word of mouth or through screenshots.

One reason why it is imperative to be careful about what you say on social media is because perceptions about status messages and pictures can vary. In some cases, things posted might make your ex question whether you were honest in the property division discovery or not.

Don't be afraid to report work-related injuries and illnesses

A safe workplace isn't something that employees should have to fight for. Instead, it is something that employers should be happy to provide. Even if the workplace is as safe as possible, there is still a chance that an employee will be injured.

If you are injured on the job, you shouldn't think twice about filing an accident report. This report serves as notice to the employer that something happened and there is a chance that you will need medical care. Also, this report can help you if you opt to seek compensation or file a third-party claim for compensation.

4 things your boss must do to promote safety

Workplace safety isn't supposed to be simply an abstract concept. It's not enough for your employer to remind people to work safely or simply to refrain from encouraging unsafe behavior in the name of increased production.

Instead, there are four very concrete steps that employers are supposed to take, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They are:

Did your marriage survive August 'divorce season?'

It's said that "to every thing there is a season," and the same holds true for divorce. According to a decade and a half of research by two leading sociologists, filings for divorce peaked during two months out of the year — March and August.

The cause of the seasonal upticks was thought to be linked to recent holiday periods, as families gather around the winter holidays in December and January and routinely vacation together over the summer months.

Should you sign a non-compete agreement to get a job?

In some industries, employers require new-hires to sign non-compete agreements. These agreements typically become active when the employee leaves the company. Sometimes, employers have this requirement in order to protect trade secrets, goodwill, and to keep former employees from taking customers or clients with them.

Some courts, however, do not look at non-compete agreements in a positive light. They often consider them to be a limitation on an individual's right to make a decent living. That is why, when an employer takes legal action against an employee for violating a non-compete agreement, the court will go over every single detail of the agreement.

Is there still a place for domestic partnerships?

Domestic partnerships were originally a way for same-sex couples to attain some of the benefits of marriage, while there was still a ban on same-sex marriage. Now that the ban on same-sex marriage has been declared unconstitutional, domestic partnerships have tended to be less popular, since couples generally favor marriage. However, there are still benefits that can be gained from a domestic partnership, and depending on your circumstances, you might find it preferential to marriage.

This article will provide a brief overview into the benefits of a domestic partnership, and how it compares to the benefits gained through marriage.

Man killed in Pennsylvannia industrial accident

A 55-year-old man from Penn Township was killed while working at Aarcon Enterprises Inc. in North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, last Thursday. According to the company's website, it provides heavy construction equipment and operators for sites with major improvement projects, such as natural gas well pads and housing.

The man was trapped on the floor beneath a counterweight for a piece of heavy equipment He was pronounced dead by the deputy coroner at the accident scene, passing away from blunt-force injuries.

Can bankruptcy erase child support?

You got divorced several years ago. You were ordered to pay child support, as your ex got custody and you earned more money. You owned your own business.

In the last year, though, that business folded. You got a part-time job, but then you lost that as well. You're facing mounting debt, and you've decided to declare bankruptcy and get a fresh financial start.

With alimony, on either side, don't be too proud

Alimony can be tricky. Making payments to an ex isn't fun. Receiving them may not be, either. People don't want to stay connected, and alimony ensures that they are for as long as it is owed. Very quickly, for many people, it becomes more about the psychological impact than the financial one.

Experts warn those who are paying alimony not to be so proud that they won't do it. The same goes for those who are supposed to be paid. Either way, pride can get in the way of a fair and logical split.

Ladder safety: Not something to be ignored

Climbing a ladder is frightening to many people. For others, we do it every day on the job and using ladders becomes commonplace. This is a dangerous position to be in because we forget just how perilous using a ladder can be.

If you're a painter, construction worker, artist or just a tinkerer at home, you'll want to keep the following ladder safety tips in mind.

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