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Important topics to discuss prior to getting married

Any couple headed for marriage is excited, overwhelmed, nervous and elated all at once. The planning alone can cause plenty of stress leading up to the big day. With so much to take care of prior to the vows, some couples will forget to have very important discussions with their future spouses.

When it comes to getting married, money is a hot topic that leads to quite a few divorces eventually. Some couples get married without discussing their expectations for how money will be handled. Others enter not know who will go to work each day. Whatever the issue, money must be discussed prior to getting married.

Everyone can contribute to workplace safety in Pottstown

It is true that employers in Pennsylvania are responsible for providing a safe place to work for their employees. This often means supplying workers with working and well-maintained tools, equipment and personal protection gear. However, preventable accidents can still happen even under employers who take workplace safety very seriously.

When workers fail to do their own part to promote safety, they can find themselves suffering from a mild to moderate work-related injury. While workers' compensation will be there to provide you with much-needed benefits after you accident, wouldn't it be better to avoid an injury altogether?

Should I get an annulment instead of a divorce?

In Pennsylvania, you can petition the court for an annulment or a divorce. Some people may believe that the only time an annulment is needed is after a particularly romantic trip to Las Vegas. However, that's not quite the truth. An annulment can help you in some ways that a divorce may not.

An annulment was once used by some couples to avoid having to lie and use one of the "faults" as the reason for the divorce. However, all 50 states now allow no-fault divorces, so an annulment is often used instead of a divorce by separating couples.

Adopting: You have choices when funding an adoption

Adopting is a sometimes long, difficult process, but it's possible to find and adopt the child you believe fits best with your family. You want to grow your family by providing a loving home, and you deserve help in doing so.

One of the things many people find daunting is the cost of adoption. Is it really thousands upon thousands of dollars? If so, how is that affordable, especially if you wish to adopt multiple children?

Study: Many injured workers don't return to work

The Workers Compensation Research Institute recently released the results of a multiyear study on how many injured workers are able to return to work. The WCRI interviewed injured workers in six states in 2016 and nine states, including Pennsylvania, from 2013 to 2015.

The interviews of injured workers addressed such things as their physical health and the level of function they were able to get back, the recovery of their earnings, access to and satisfaction with the medical care they received and their return to work, if applicable.

Facebook is a factor in many divorces

Social media has given us many great things in the last couple of decades, but it also presents very real threats to relationships. For many marriages, the availability of other partners through social media and the ease of reconnecting with a former girlfriend or boyfriend are some of the biggest causes of divorce.

It's a tale as old as time — or at least as old as 2004. Divorce attorneys consistently report that one of the biggest contributors to divorce in the last decade is one spouse or the other reconnecting with an old flame on Facebook. If you have concerns that your spouse may have a Facebook fling happening, you need to carefully consider your next steps.

Can you refuse a job that is too dangerous?

Your boss has a job for you. He or she outlines it quickly and you're instantly nervous. It seems much too dangerous, with the risk of injury far too high. You don't want to do it. Can you refuse?

Legally, you do have a right to say you won't take unneeded risks. However, there are four key conditions that play into this, and they all must be met.

Are your finances ready for a divorce?

When many couples divorce, one of the things that is most difficult to become accustomed to is the loss of one income into the home. This can make it financially difficult -- along with being hard on your emotions and mental state.

Here are some tips to help you understand how to remain on solid ground financially during and after your divorce.

What drives couples to divorce?

The ease of no-fault divorce has changed the way the country views the whole situation. You can now find divorce coaches to help you get your life back on track, divorce cakes to share with your close associates and even divorce parties for the unhappy bride and groom to celebrate the end of their unfortunate marriage.

Since roughly 10 percent of the country's population is divorced, it was probably only a matter of time before someone figured out how to turn the end of a marriage into an event on par with its beginning. But why, exactly, do people get divorced in the first place? The reasons are surprisingly telling:

Nurses' on-the-job injuries can derail careers

The nursing profession is full of dedicated, hardworking men and women who work long hours, weekends and holidays, away from their families while caring for patients.

Sometimes this hard work and devotion to duty can backfire on nurses, however. They can wind up suffering serious injuries while carrying out their duties. Below are some common injuries that can sideline a promising career in nursing.

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