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Special missions trump the Going and Coming Rule

If you're injured in an accident during your commute to or from work, normally workers' compensation won't cover those injuries. Your daily commute isn't usually considered part of the job.

This exclusion is named the "Going and Coming Rule," but special circumstances and exceptions can extend an employer's liability for your safety all the way from your doorstep to the job site and back again.

Property division and child custody require a lot of thought

Our previous blog post discussed some of the signs that you might be heading toward a divorce. While this might seem like a scary time, there is one way that you can help to reduce the stress that you are feeling. You can learn about the divorce process and how various factors will affect your divorce.

We can review your case and let you know what elements you need to consider regarding the divorce. Property division and child custody matters are two of the most common issues that cause contention in divorces. While this is understandable, it is also something that can be challenging to manage because of the emotional ties to both subjects.

Does this mean I'm likely to wind up divorced?

There is a big misconception about some couples and divorce. In the absence of incidents of domestic violence or any forms of abuse, couples who still engage in fights with one another may be in no danger of winding up in divorce court.

But there are some worrisome signs that your marriage is not one destined to go the distance. They include:

3 serious reasons to consider adoption in Pennsylvania

Many children face adoption each year. They end up in the foster care system, and while many return to their original families, others never will. These children need a new, loving family like your own. You're a single person who wants to raise a child, and that's not something that should deter you. There are many good reasons to move forward with adoption.

How to start a workers' compensation claim

Being injured on the job is stressful, emotional, overwhelming and downright difficult to handle. If you've never been hurt on the job in the past, a first-time injury can be very scary, even if it is not severe. Any time you spend out of work because of an injury or illness caused by the job is frightening. You start to doubt whether you will return to work in the future. If you have suffered an injury on the job, here is how to start a workers' compensation claim.

The very first step you must take -- and this is imperative -- is to report an injury or illness to a supervisor. You can't just tell a coworker and expect the process of receiving workers' compensation benefits to begin. A manager or supervisor should always be notified when an employee is hurt or sickened on the job. The longer you wait to inform your supervisor, the likelier it becomes that your claim will be denied.

A financial checklist for after your divorce is final

It's over. Your divorce is finally final. You may have mixed feelings about it, but that shouldn't stop you from making smart decisions where your finances are concerned. Here is a financial checklist to consider once your divorce is final:

-- Make copies of your divorce decree and put one in your safety deposit box. You may need this for investment and retirement accounts, the Internal Revenue Service, bank accounts or life insurance.

Employers can't keep employees in the dark about safety issues

How safe is your workplace?

Under the rules and regulations imposed on employers by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employees have a right to know whether or not their employer is doing a good job of keeping them safe.

Prenups and remarriages: Keeping assets in the family

When people get remarried later in life, there are generally more assets involved. First marriages often involve young couples who may struggle to pay basic bills. Second or third marriages often involve at least one person who has significant assets, such as stocks, real estate, pensions or even just a large amount of cash.

One financial planner says that the use of a prenuptial agreement in subsequent marriages is very important, particularly when spouses have children from previous marriages. He gives an example showing why that is.

Independent contractors may be covered by workers' compensation

Many professionals who work in Pennsylvania do so as independent contractors instead of full-time employees. There has been an increase in the number of businesses hiring "independent contractors" rather than full-time workers. In reality, however, these workers are anything but independent. In many cases, employers are improperly classifying workers as independent contractors to avoid incurring tax and insurance costs. This can be a major problem for misclassified workers who are injured on the job.

What are some myths about workers with mental illness?

One in four people in the United States have some sort of mental illness. After heart disease, mental illness is most common cause of disability and absenteeism.

There are many myths surrounding mental illness. Those who has a condition affecting their mental health are often discriminated at work or school and because of this, they often avoid socializing.

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