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Children are entitled to financial support from both of their parents. The law believes this so strongly that child support is paid through and enforced by state agencies. Although these payments are carefully regulated, disputes can and do arise.

If you are having trouble winning a child support order, believe your child support payments are too small, or feel you are being asked to pay too much child support, our lawyers can help. We serve families in Pottstown and throughout southeastern Pennsylvania.

Why Choose Our Firm To Help With Your Child Support Dispute?

The family law attorneys at Wolf, Baldwin & Associates, P.C., have decades of experience handling divorce and related issues. Over the years, we have helped many parents — some who have separated and others who were never married — get the support they need or have their payments adjusted to better reflect their ability to pay. We can help you, too!

When you come to us with your case, you can expect sound advice based on thorough knowledge of state law. We'll tell you honestly whether you have a case, and help you make an informed decision about the path forward.

What You Need To Know About Child Support Payments

It is important to understand that the Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines determine the amount of support to be paid: it isn't negotiated like spousal support. That amount is calculated based on the parents' monthly net incomes. Determining income isn't as simple as it might seem, and this is where most disputes arise. Whether you are paying or receiving, it is crucial that both parties' incomes are calculated accurately.

Our experienced attorneys are prepared to handle disputes that might arise over this matter. Because we also practice real estate law and commercial litigation, we are well-equipped to ensure that all types of income are properly included.

Is It Possible To Deviate From The Guidelines?

In certain situations, yes. Some examples include:

  • Cases where one parent is shouldering all of a particular expense (such as the mortgage)
  • Families with very high household income
  • Children with special needs

The guidelines are called guidelines for a reason — if your circumstances require a lesser or greater payment, our lawyers can help you obtain that.

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