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Child support and enforcement in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2015 | Family Law |

Getting divorced is almost always a difficult experience, especially if the couple shares children. In most cases, both spouses are ready to begin building new and separate lives, but there are certain issues that must first be attended to. One of these issues is child support, which can be stressful for both parents. Even after child support is decided, not all parents remain good standing on their payments. This means enforcement options will go into effect to collect delinquent support payments.

Delinquent child support is a problem everywhere, but custodial parents in Pennsylvania may be pleased to learn that their state ranks at number one in the country for enforcing child support. According to the Department of Human Services, Pennsylvania is the only American state currently able to meet and even exceed the child support performance mandates set forth by the federal government.

There are many reasons why Pennsylvania tops the leader board in child support enforcement. These reasons include the following enforcement measures.

— Employers are required to report information on new hires, which are then matched with child support records– The government can seize federal and state tax refunds for overdue child support– Pennsylvania courts can order those delinquent in child support to find employment– The state can intercept worker’s compensation settlements as well as lottery winnings

The state of Pennsylvania also has many other enforcement options at its disposal, which it can implement in attempts to acquire overdue child support payments.

An important takeaway here is that the state government is on your side and your child’s side. If you are owed overdue child support and need additional enforcement assistance, consider speaking with an attorney in your area to explore your options.

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, “Pennsylvania Child Support Handbook,” accessed Sep. 02, 2015


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