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Modifying a child custody agreement in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2015 | Family Law |

Sometimes once a divorce is final, one or both spouses may feel a need to seek modifications to the judgment. Child custody agreements are often the focus of such modification attempts. After all, what worked at the time of divorce may not continue to meet the children’s needs later on. Some of the factors that could prompt parents to seek divorce judgment modifications include:

— The age of the children

— Parental relocation

— Changes in parental income

— One parent believes the other is unfit

— And many others

Pennsylvania courts routinely address motions to modify divorce judgments, so rest assured that it is not unusual for parents to seek modifications. Legal officials are accustomed to addressing the evolving needs of children of divorce as well. However, it is not as simple as requesting the changes and waiting for them to fall into place.

In Pennsylvania and elsewhere in the nation, divorced parents must follow the proper procedure to make legal changes to the child custody portion of divorce judgments. Sometimes, this is managed through the appeals process, but it can be very difficult to overturn a judge’s decision through an appeals court.

A more efficient way to seek modifications is by filing a motion to modify a particular part of the final judgment, such as child custody. Typically, a motion to modify should be filed in the court where the divorce judgment was originally issued.

Many parents are afraid of upsetting the current arrangement when it comes to child custody, even when the changes are truly necessary. If this sounds like you, consider working with a divorce attorney to improve your chances of success and to lessen the stress associated child custody modifications. Please visit our website to discover more about Pennsylvania child custody law.


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