Yes, you can simplify your divorce

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No one wants a long divorce process filled with conflict. They generally just want to reach a fair settlement and move forward with their lives. An experienced Pennsylvania divorce attorney can help you do that.

Following are some tips from a variety of divorce lawyers for simplifying your divorce:

— Often, when one person is seeking the divorce, he or she writes a letter to his or her spouse to explain the reasons. While people generally have the best intentions in mind, they too often say things that can come back to haunt them. Confessing to an affair or promising your spouse anything he or she wants can be problematic later on. Before you hit “send” on that e-mail, have your attorney review it.

— Ask your attorney to meet with your spouse’s attorney as soon as possible. The earlier they understand what each person is seeking and begin negotiations, the sooner the whole thing can be over.

— Open at least one bank account in your name alone to set aside some money. Spouses have been known to withdraw all of the money in joint accounts, and that’s legal. You may get it back in the settlement, but that won’t help in the short term.

— Be prepared to put in the time. One attorney says, “Going through a divorce is like having a second job.” You’ll need to gather documents, determine how much money you need to live on and decide what assets you want. If you hire a financial advisor (often a wise idea), that’s going to require more of your time, but it could well be worth it.

— Time your settlement offer carefully. One attorney notes, “Cases do not settle until both parties are ready to let go of the marriage.” You’ll likely have a better chance of getting the settlement you want, particularly if you were the one seeking the divorce, when your spouse is ready to wrap up the divorce process.

It’s best to at least start talking to attorneys if you’re considering divorce or if you believe your spouse is. It’s important to find an attorney that you trust and feel comfortable with so that he or she can begin advising you sooner rather than later.

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