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You risk serious consequences if you fail to pay child support

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2016 | Child Support |

All of us Pennsylvania residents know that times are tough financially. For split families, money concerns are often even more problematic. To say that it is difficult to support yourself and your children as a non-custodial parent is an understatement. Many parents struggle to meet their child support obligations and fail. However, it is unwise to ignore your situation. Consistently being late with your payments or failing to make a payment altogether can start a chain of events that will only worsen your situation.

In Pennsylvania, the law provides several child support enforcement options, each one imposing further hardships on you as the responsible party. If you are like most parents, you really do want to care and provide for your child. As such, it makes sense to seek help instead of ignoring the problem. After all, taking no action may result in one or more of the following enforcement tactics initiated by the Bureau of Child Support Enforcement:

— Bank account seizure

— Tax refund seizure

— Drivers license suspension

— Credit bureau reporting

— Liens against your real property

The above are just a few enforcement tactics. You could also be charged with civil contempt resulting in costly fines or even jail time. In some cases, you could even face criminal charges for non-payment of child support.

As attorneys serving Pennsylvania families, we have some simple advice for you. Seek help right away, especially if you expect your financial hardships to continue. This will show both the courts and your children that you want to provide support and that you just need help. We urge you to browse our website to see how our attorneys can help you seek a child support order modification.


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