Droned: Cheating spouse caught on drone-cam footage

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How far would you go to catch a cheating spouse? Read through their texts? Install a GPS tracker on their vehicle? Hire a private investigator?

How about using a drone?

That’s what one northern Pennsylvania man did who suspected his wife of 18 years was being unfaithful to him. Not only did he film his wife slipping off for a rendezvous with another man — he posted the footage on YouTube.

The film clip was blurry, but it clearly shows a woman walking along, stopping to fix her hair at an intersection, then proceeding to a distant corner of a CVS parking lot as a dark SUV glides up from behind the shopping center.

She pauses briefly by the driver’s window in what could have been a quick embrace before climbing in as the vehicle pulls away.

The man, who is a photographer, told a media outlet that he has filed a petition for divorce since the events unfolded that afternoon.

He and his wife are the parents of two children. There was no mention made of any plans for their custody.

It’s true that technological advances have made it both easier to cheat as well as get caught. There’s sexting, cyber-sex, apps like Tinder where anonymous strangers can flirt, meet and have sex with no strings attached.

Except, of course, if one of the parties is married to a tech-savvy spouse who harbors a sneaking suspicion that somebody may have been sleeping in his bed (or at least with his wife).

If you are tired of being duped by a cheating spouse, you don’t need drone footage to bail on a bad marriage. A Pennsylvania divorce attorney can set you free from your bonds and on the road to a new life.

Source: New York Post, “Husband uses drone to catch cheating wife,” Natalie Musumeci, Nov. 16, 2016


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