3 serious reasons to consider adoption in Pennsylvania

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Many children face adoption each year. They end up in the foster care system, and while many return to their original families, others never will. These children need a new, loving family like your own. You’re a single person who wants to raise a child, and that’s not something that should deter you. There are many good reasons to move forward with adoption.

Kids are waiting for homes

According to a 2012 report, 43.9 percent of the children waiting for adoption were Caucasian. Of those, 48.9 found adoptive families. Comparatively, African American children made up 36 percent and were adopted at a rate of only 30.2 percent.

Older children are less likely to be adopted than younger children, especially when over the age of 9. Maybe most surprising is that 886 children aged out of foster care in 2012 without any permanent family.

If you’re not sure about adopting transracially, know that there is extra support available to help you meet a child’s specific cultural needs.

Federal adoption assistance makes it more affordable to adopt

In 2008, the government passed the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act. This act supports children through the adoption process by making payments to the parents. The goal is to take some of the burden off the cost of adopting and caring for a child. Parents and caregivers who receive these funds are in a better position to provide the child with permanency, according to research. Adoption assistance is now equal to foster care rates thanks to this act.

Children need your help in finding permanency

With federal protections in place, you are in a better position to provide a permanent home to a child. Research has shown that children who age out of foster care face homelessness, substance abuse, early parenting and unemployment. Many children who age out of care stayed in the system for five or more years. In 2012, 1,326 children had been in long-term foster care awaiting adoption.

Adoption might seem like a complicated process, but an educated attorney can help you through the various requirements so you can bring home a child. With this support, you can learn more about the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act and how it may affect you and your child in the future. With all the support available, this is a good time to consider going through the adoption process.


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