Does this mean I’m likely to wind up divorced?

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There is a big misconception about some couples and divorce. In the absence of incidents of domestic violence or any forms of abuse, couples who still engage in fights with one another may be in no danger of winding up in divorce court.

But there are some worrisome signs that your marriage is not one destined to go the distance. They include:

— Feelings of apathy toward your spouse. In many ways, this is more toxic to a marriage than feelings of anger or even hatred. Those emotions show that there is still passion, albeit negative passion right now. Apathy indicates that the flame has completely gone out and will not be rekindled.

— You dread time alone just the two of you. Your life consists mainly of time and plans spent with other people. You have mentally moved on from the marriage and now have begun to distance yourself physically as well.

— You only see the negative qualities in your spouse. You can’t remember what you ever saw in him or her that attracted you.

— You dream about being single again or with another love interest. Thoughts turn to actions, which can lead straight to divorce.

— You have an epiphany. You are no longer willing to remain a loveless marriage and are ready to make a change.

Usually it’s too late for marital counseling by the time one or both spouses has experienced these symptoms of an ailing marriage. But if your wife or husband insists, it may be worthwhile to put in the effort.

If you still find that you are ready to make the split, talk with a Pottstown family law attorney to learn where you stand legally in a divorce.

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