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Alimony in Pennsylvania: 17 factors judges consider

The judges in Pennsylvania who determine whether soon-to-be ex-spouses will receive alimony must consider many factors -- 17 of them to be exact. These factors help the judges determine who should pay alimony, if anyone, and how much should be paid.

The 17 factors are:

-- The physical, emotional and mental conditions of each party and their ages.

-- The earning capacities of each party.

-- How long the couple was married.

-- The income sources of each party, including benefits such as retirement, insurance or medical benefits.

-- The expected inheritances of each party.

-- How much one party has contributed to the training, education or increased earning power of the other party.

-- The couple's standard of living.

-- Whether there are children involved.

-- The liabilities and assets of each party.

-- The education of both parties and how long it would take for the party seeking alimony to acquire the education needed to find employment.

-- The contribution of one spouse as a homemaker.

-- Whether any property was brought into the marriage.

--- Each party's relative needs.

-- Whether there was marital misconduct.

-- How an alimony award would affect the tax ramifications for each party.

-- Whether the party seeking alimony lacks property to provide for his or her needs.

-- Whether the party seeking alimony is not capable of finding gainful employment.

Alimony can be a contentious area in a divorce. If you believe you are due to receive alimony or if you do not believe you should pay alimony, an attorney can provide advice on how to proceed.

Source:, "Chapter 37 Alimony and Support," accessed April 24, 2017

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