Adopting: You have choices when funding an adoption

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Adopting is a sometimes long, difficult process, but it’s possible to find and adopt the child you believe fits best with your family. You want to grow your family by providing a loving home, and you deserve help in doing so.

One of the things many people find daunting is the cost of adoption. Is it really thousands upon thousands of dollars? If so, how is that affordable, especially if you wish to adopt multiple children?

Paying for adoption: Loans for a cause

One of the options for paying for an adoption is taking out a loan. Many people don’t like this idea, because it means you’re going into debt to bring your child home. It could be a good idea if you know you can pay it back quickly or if you know you can receive reimbursement for the loan later.

Paying for adoption: Benefits from employers

Some employers and the military will support adoption through benefits. Financial benefits from traditional employers may include unpaid or paid leave and financial aid along with other helpful programs. The military may receive reimbursement for some types of adoption expenses and can become eligible for adoption leave.

Paying for adoption: Crowd funding your future

Crowd funding has become popular over the last several years. With this, you seek donations from a wide variety of people over the internet. Thanks to the reach of the net, it’s possible to get donations from thousands of people. With just a few dollars here and there, you may quickly fund the adoption and be able to move forward to bring your child home.

These are a few options you have to fund an adoption. On top of these, there are benefits that kick in after adoption, like child tax credits, that help offset the expense.


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