Important topics to discuss prior to getting married

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Any couple headed for marriage is excited, overwhelmed, nervous and elated all at once. The planning alone can cause plenty of stress leading up to the big day. With so much to take care of prior to the vows, some couples will forget to have very important discussions with their future spouses.

When it comes to getting married, money is a hot topic that leads to quite a few divorces eventually. Some couples get married without discussing their expectations for how money will be handled. Others enter not know who will go to work each day. Whatever the issue, money must be discussed prior to getting married.

Sex is another important discussion to have with your future spouse. Let the other person know your expectations and listen to theirs as well. You don’t want to go in thinking one thing and then wind up disappointed when those expectations do not come to fruition.

Family traditions are very important and always will be, which is why you must talk about these prior to marriage. Getting married blends two families together and you should try to figure out how holidays will be spent. Will you share holidays or spend them as one big family once the wedding license is signed?

Every couple will run into problems during their marriage. Have a discussion now regarding how those problems will be dealt with by the two of you. These issues can have anything to do with money, work, kids, sex or anything else imaginable.

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