Did your marriage survive August ‘divorce season?’

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It’s said that “to every thing there is a season,” and the same holds true for divorce. According to a decade and a half of research by two leading sociologists, filings for divorce peaked during two months out of the year — March and August.

The cause of the seasonal upticks was thought to be linked to recent holiday periods, as families gather around the winter holidays in December and January and routinely vacation together over the summer months.

For those who have been mulling the idea of divorce, that extended period of familial intimacy may be enough to tip the scales to divorce.

Researchers hypothesize that spouses view holiday celebrations and vacations as sacred family time when to file for divorce would be unthinkable, even cruel. Bickering couples are determined to carry out their holiday and vacation plans, but get discouraged and frustrated when their expectations are dashed yet again.

That disappointment and the pessimism about the couples’ shared future triggers the filing of the divorce petitions. There can also be logistical reasons to file at certain times of the year, such as wanting to be able to file federal income taxes under a specific status.

Don’t jump the gun on your marriage without first seeking sound legal advice from a Pennsylvania family law attorney. Discover all of the options that are available to you regarding spousal support, child custody, visitation and support and the division of your marital property.

Once you learn what you will be entitled to in your divorce, you and your family law attorney can plot the best course to achieve your aims and protect your rights and assets.

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