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Know what points are included in your child support order

The question of what child support can pay for often comes up in custody cases. A parent who is paying the support might want to know where the money is going. The parent who is getting the money might not want to be burdened with showing where the money is going. This is one of the most difficult things to deal with when you have a child support case.

It is important for all parents to remember that as long as the child's needs are being cared for, there isn't any use in trying to determine where the money is going. Oftentimes, the parent who receives the money will just put it in with the rest of the money that is used to support the house. There isn't any requirement to keep it separated.

Child support funds can be used to pay for things like the rent or utilities. They can also be used to cover schooling fees, extracurricular activities costs and entertainment for the children. It is up to the parent who gets the payments to decide how the money is used.

A child support order usually doesn't cover only monthly payments. It might also include information about medical insurance and uninsured medical expenses. It is important to ensure that you understand exactly what the order entails so that you can stay within the requirements of the order.

Failing to comply with a child support order can result in legal consequences. Paying parents shouldn't try to withhold the payments just because they don't agree with the way the other parent is spending the money. If you have concerns, call us to discuss your legal options.

Source: FindLaw, "What Does Child Support Cover?," accessed April 27, 2018

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