Keep the stress of co-parenting to a minimum

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Co-parenting isn’t easy for everyone. Personality and parenting style conflicts can make these situations difficult. It’s hard enough to present a united front to children when you are in an intact relationship, and all that much harder when the parental relationship is no longer intact.  When you are involved in co-parenting, you need to make sure that you maintain positive vibes so that things don’t turn sour.

You and your ex must agree to work as a team. Presenting a united front can help keep the kids on track and it can make the entire arrangement easier since you aren’t working against each other. It will help if both adults can agree on clear roles. Try to agree on how to handle issues that come up at each home. Setting rules that can (or cannot) be altered at either house can be helpful.

Another thing to remember is that you have to keep the children at the heart of the decision making process. The well-being of each child has to be considered for every decision that is made during the co-parenting relationship. Don’t become focused on what you want or what will make your ex miserable.

Be sure to avoid putting off difficult decisions. Procrastination can increase your stress since you know that there are things that need to be handled but you don’t want to do them. Getting issues out in the open right away can help ease your tension since you will have more time to figure out a solution together with the other parent.

With each decision that you make, consider that your way might not be the best way. You have to be willing to compromise with your ex on some matters. If all else fails, think about hiring a family law attorney to help ensure that your interests are being protected and your concerns are taken seriously.


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