Focus on rebuilding your social life after a divorce

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During your marriage, your focus was on the relationship. You may have let some others fall by the wayside while you were trying to build and strengthen your home life. Now that you are going through a divorce, it is time to rebuild the social life that you neglected.

You must remember that the goal of your social life is to build friendships, not to jump right back into a relationship. After a divorce, you need time to focus on yourself. This means that you will have to balance work, maintaining a home, kids, and your personal interests.

Now is a good time to reconnect with friends and family members from whom you’ve grown apart. You should realize that you might not be able to salvage all of these relationships. There is a chance that some people might not be willing to put forth the effort to work on things. This is hard to accept, but you should just move on.

Trying to find new friends can also be a challenge. You might consider starting out by finding activities which you enjoy and people with similar interests. Don’t worry if you don’t find people to hang out with right away, it may take time.

You also need to make sure that you are leaving time to care for yourself. Even though building a new social circle is important, you shouldn’t become so focused on doing this that you forget to work on developing your new life. Balancing everything might take trial and error but finding the right balance for your needs can help you feel less stressed as you start your new life.

Just getting through the divorce can be stressful enough.  Call our office today to schedule an appointment, to get on the path to a more balanced life.


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