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What happens if someone else has a legal claim to your new home?

Becoming a homeowner is supposed to offer security. You invest in a property and then spend your time and money maintaining or improving it. That effort pays off with increased property value. Over time, you can either choose to cash out some of that equity when you get older or sell your home for a profit and downsize as you age.

Tales from the Trenches of Estate Practitioners: Truly Obnoxious Will Provisions of the Rich and Famous

As an Estate Practitioner, I've had my fair share of clients with unusual requests in their Wills. Without going into detail, and therefore potentially violating attorney-client privilege, I can say that some of them have been absolutely hilarious, others have been down right hurtful, and some have been, well just plain weird. In any event, it usually comes down to the Testator (the person who makes the Will) wanting some sort of control from the grave. Whether it is a specific instruction regarding his or her burial, or putting restrictions on a relative inheriting from his or her estate, it usually comes down to that person wanting, in a sense, to live beyond their death and have an impact in some manner.

Injured workers need to be careful online

Many of us have become quite comfortable with sharing at least some parts of our lives online. We post pictures of a child's sporting triumphs, special occasions with friends, or other milestones. Every day, we share all sorts of personal information with family, friends and work colleagues.

Employee stuck with $14,000 medical bill

Workers' compensation has a substantial set of rules when it comes to filing for benefits and getting the medical care the injured worker needs. These are generally inflexible, so it is no surprise that an employee of a Home Depot in Kansas is now stuck with a substantial bill. According to several news reports, the employee sought reimbursement for medical expenses involving doctors that were not authorized by her employer, but a three-judge panel ruled in favor of the commission because the medical care was not preauthorized by her employer or an administrative law judge.

Amount of benefits declining (but that's good)

Many at the 2019 Workers’ Compensation Research Institute’s (WCRI) annual conference took note when Dr. John Ruser shared some new data and trends in workers’ compensation. The WCRI CEO pointed out that workers’ comp is a declining part of the employer payroll. The National Academy of Social Insurance concurs, adding that the ratio of compensation benefits paid related to the overall wages has declined since the 1990s and is at the lowest point since the 1980s. This downward trend led some to fear that it was an erosion of benefits paid, but Dr. Ruser points to other factors. These include:

Whistleblower of Grand Canyon radiation exposure claims cover-up

Many took note when the news of potential radiation contamination at the Grand Canyon made national news. There were three large buckets of uranium rocks indigenous to the area stored at the Museum Collections Building on the Southern Rim. Situated next to a taxidermy exhibit, the buckets had sat there from 2000 to June of 2018. The exhibit was sometimes a stopping spot on tours for kids.

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