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The hidden costs of raising a child to think about during divorce

You might think that you only need to make one child support payment with each check and then you are done with your financial obligation to your children. This isn't the case. You likely will need to help cover other financial aspects of raising the children. Your exact responsibilities are included in your child support order. Knowing what is included and what you need to do is very important so you do not risk any contempt of court.

Know what points are included in your child support order

The question of what child support can pay for often comes up in custody cases. A parent who is paying the support might want to know where the money is going. The parent who is getting the money might not want to be burdened with showing where the money is going. This is one of the most difficult things to deal with when you have a child support case.

Parents should pay court ordered support for their children

Non-custodial parents have to support their children financially, especially when that support is ordered by the court. The child support is paid to the custodial parent, but this doesn't mean that money is for that parent. Instead, it is meant to help with the expenses of raising the child.

How does child support order modification work?

Child support is the noncustodial parent's responsibility and when it's paid on time, both the custodial parent and the child will be able to depend on it to pay for expenses related to the child. What happens, though, when the noncustodial parent is laid off or has become injured or ill and unable to work?

What expenses does child support cover?

Each state has its own guidelines that establish how much child support a noncustodial parent has to pay. The courts are required to consider a number of factors, too, such as how much each parent makes, whether there are special needs for the child, how much is needed to maintain the child's current standard of living, and more.

You risk serious consequences if you fail to pay child support

All of us Pennsylvania residents know that times are tough financially. For split families, money concerns are often even more problematic. To say that it is difficult to support yourself and your children as a non-custodial parent is an understatement. Many parents struggle to meet their child support obligations and fail. However, it is unwise to ignore your situation. Consistently being late with your payments or failing to make a payment altogether can start a chain of events that will only worsen your situation.

What is the Parent Locator System?

There are many Pennsylvania parents who have custody of their children, but do not know where the non-custodial parent is. This can be problematic from the standpoint of obtaining child support money owed by non-custodial parents to the custodial parents of their children -- according to Pennsylvania child support laws. However, there is a valuable government service called the Parent Locator System, which can help parents locate non-custodial parents who may owe them and their children money.

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