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Amount of benefits declining (but that's good)

Many at the 2019 Workers’ Compensation Research Institute’s (WCRI) annual conference took note when Dr. John Ruser shared some new data and trends in workers’ compensation. The WCRI CEO pointed out that workers’ comp is a declining part of the employer payroll. The National Academy of Social Insurance concurs, adding that the ratio of compensation benefits paid related to the overall wages has declined since the 1990s and is at the lowest point since the 1980s. This downward trend led some to fear that it was an erosion of benefits paid, but Dr. Ruser points to other factors. These include:

Whistleblower of Grand Canyon radiation exposure claims cover-up

Many took note when the news of potential radiation contamination at the Grand Canyon made national news. There were three large buckets of uranium rocks indigenous to the area stored at the Museum Collections Building on the Southern Rim. Situated next to a taxidermy exhibit, the buckets had sat there from 2000 to June of 2018. The exhibit was sometimes a stopping spot on tours for kids.

Making the holiday party safe for all

One longstanding tradition for many businesses is the holiday party. Some are large events involving staff and clients. Others are smaller staff-only affairs that are more like a cocktail party. Whatever the format, an unfortunate part of the tradition may be binge drinking by staff and management, which can lead to awkward moments or more serious legal issues.

Seasonal workers have a right to safe work conditions

Many workers take on a second job or work one temporarily during the holiday season here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Despite the temporary nature of holiday work, employers are still held to certain responsibilities for worker safety. According to OSHA, employers and staffing agencies need to outline their respective responsibilities to comply with all applicable OSHA standards in the employment contract. This ensures that the employer complies with all applicable guidelines, and it avoids later confusion about employer obligations.

Don't be afraid to report work-related injuries and illnesses

A safe workplace isn't something that employees should have to fight for. Instead, it is something that employers should be happy to provide. Even if the workplace is as safe as possible, there is still a chance that an employee will be injured.

Everyone can contribute to workplace safety in Pottstown

It is true that employers in Pennsylvania are responsible for providing a safe place to work for their employees. This often means supplying workers with working and well-maintained tools, equipment and personal protection gear. However, preventable accidents can still happen even under employers who take workplace safety very seriously.

Do back belts actually prevent back injuries?

Does your employer require you to wear a back belt when lifting or moving heavier objects? Do you wear one because you feel it helps prevent injury to your back? Back injuries are a very common injury in the workplace. According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), almost 20 percent of workplace injuries are back injuries. In an effort to help determine ways to prevent back injuries, NIOSH wanted to know if back belts actually helped prevent back injuries.

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