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Workers’ Comp And Administrative Law

In Pennsylvania, workers’ compensation cases are administrative procedures that are presided over by workers’ compensation judges. Workers’ comp judges, commonly referred to as WCJs, are in actuality administrative law judges. The “regular” courts of common pleas do not hear workers’ comp cases. Therefore, the workers’ compensation judges have an intimate knowledge of workers’ compensation law, since that is all they do.

Why You Need A Dedicated Advocate On Your Side

Similarly, many attorneys who practice workers’ compensation law, especially insurance defense lawyers, do nothing else other than workers’ compensation. They are experts in their field. That is why you need an expert on your side, too. As a workers’ comp claimant, you need a lawyer who is familiar with workers’ compensation practice and procedure. You need a claimant’s attorney who is familiar with the WCJs, and is familiar with the specialized Pennsylvania workers’ comp Rules.

About Our Experience And Qualifications

The attorneys of Wolf, Baldwin & Associates, P.C., are no strangers to workers’ compensation courtrooms. We have been practicing in this specific area of the law for over 30 years. Insurance companies will always be represented by experienced workers’ compensation attorneys. You require, and deserve, expert advice as well.

Two of our attorneys are certified as specialists in the practice of workers’ compensation law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Section on Workers’ Compensation Law as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Of the many workers’ comp lawyers in the state, only a small portion have earned this right to call themselves specialists. Our certification represents our commitment and dedication to the field, and our exceptionally thorough knowledge. In an area of law that is detailed and fact-based, we are excellent allies.

Workers’ Compensation Help Is Here

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If the insurance company unfairly denies you your rights, we will fight the workers’ comp insurance carrier for your right to receive workers’ compensation. Contact us now to learn more about your right to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation.

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