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Plan for the worst when it comes to workplace safety

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When there is a critical moment in a workplace, decisive action can help save lives. According to one retired Marine sergeant, this is what his own safety philosophy is and what he uses as the foundation for teaching safety to others.

The man said the goal of his training is to provide people with the tools needed to think and act smartly and quickly during an emergency. He provides a detailed safety plan for each client he has. It is designed so that they will be prepared.

He provides answers to some of the most common workplace safety questions.

— What are some of the mistakes that people make about workplace safety training? You must identify your workplace culture and have the right people on board. Companies can often simply plan to get a plan.

— What should employees remember in order to stay safe if there is an incident of workplace violence? Employees must speak up when they see something. If there is an immediate threat, get as far away as possible. Call 911, if possible.

— Are there truly effective safety drills for the workplace? Students need to participate in training and not just listen to a speaker. It is important to talk-through and walk-through the safety drill, and know where exits are and where to go where you will be safe. You want to build confidence in them so that they will be decisive and ready to act.

If you were injured because of a workplace safety incident, you are entitled to workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania. Understanding all of the ins and outs of this insurance can be difficult, but an attorney can help provide clarity.

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