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Lawyers Advising Workers And Organizations In Employment Agreement Matters

Contracts govern all aspects of the employment relationship, from setting expectations for new hires to protecting the interests of former employees, and the companies they are leaving. Employment contracts, and severance agreements typically contain provisions that are familiar to both sides. But depending on how they are written, they could greatly hinder the rights of workers, and expose businesses to undue liability.

Whether you are an employee or an employer, our attorneys at Wolf, Baldwin & Associates, P.C. will help you understand your rights and obligations, and represent you in employment related negotiations, or disputes. Our firm has been serving Pennsylvania for decades, and our lawyers have more than a century of combined legal experience.

Offering Advice And Guidance On Nondisclosure Agreements

In recent years, the news has been full of stories about the misuse, and abuse of nondisclosure agreements (NDAs). They were not originally designed to cover up the misdeeds, and even illegal activities of powerful people and corporations. Instead, they are intended to protect legitimate business interests such as trade secrets, and other proprietary information. When utilized correctly, NDAs are still a powerful and useful legal tool.

Whether you are an employer drafting an NDA, or a potential new hire being asked to sign one, it is important to consult with an experienced business and employment lawyer like those at our firm. They can assess whether the NDA is reasonable and fair, or whether it imposes undue burdens or violates either party’s rights.

It’s Important To Know What Makes A Noncompete Agreement Enforceable

Noncompete agreements (NCAs) are a very standard part of employment contracts. The goal is to prevent an employee from leaving the organization with valuable knowledge, training and information, and then working for a competitor. However, many NCAs are too broad in scope and duration. As such, many courts will not uphold them when challenged.

Our firm helps companies draft stronger noncompete agreements and enforce those that employees have already signed. We can also help departing employees challenge unreasonable NCAs that impose an undue burden on their career and employment prospects.

We Can Help You Draft Or Negotiate A Better Employee Separation Agreement

How an employment relationship ends can be consequential for both the employer and the employee. A clearly defined employee separation agreement (commonly referred to as a severance agreement) provides important protections and limitations to both parties.

If you are an employer, our firm can help you create separation agreements that protect the organization from financial and legal liability, preserve trade secrets, and more.

If you are a departing employee, you should know that you legally have time to consider the agreement and discuss it with an attorney. It is wise to do so as our attorneys can explain your rights and responsibilities under the agreement, and we may be able to help you negotiate better terms.

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