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Don't accept financial responsibility for work-related injuries

When you applied to work for the company you are with now, you probably didn't accept the position with the purpose of getting into an accident in mind. Unfortunately, America's workers are placed in dangerous positions on a daily basis. Even jobs that you wouldn't think of as dangerous can end up injuring workers.

We know that there are some jobs that are safer than others, but there isn't any job that is completely injury proof. Factory workers might suffer harm if a component strikes them or is defective. Office workers might suffer back injuries from sitting all day. Cashiers might have carpal tunnel syndrome.

Adoption: What to know as a single parent

As a young adult, you have always known that you want to have a family. Unfortunately, you don't have a partner, so there's no way for you to have one naturally without going through medical procedures to do so. Instead of doing that, you'd like to adopt, but you know that it could be more difficult since you're a single person.

The truth is that children need parents regardless of their ages or if they're single or married. What adoption agencies and Social Services want to see is a person who is dedicated to raising a child with love and compassion. They want to know you're financially stable for the benefit of the child, and they need to know that you're prepared to bring a child into a loving home.

Proper tank truck safety is crucial for people who work on them

No employee is going to head to work one day with the intention of getting injured while they are there. For all workers, including those in the logistics industry, staying safe is a top priority.

Men and women who work near tanker trucks face some unique hazards that they must be aware of each time they are near the truck. Taking precautions while they are working on the truck can help them to make it home safely.

A holiday divorce isn't going to be easy emotionally

Divorcing at any point in the year is an emotional journey. When you figure out that you need to divorce during the holidays, those emotions might overtake you. This can be a very dangerous thing to deal with because this is a time when you need to be able to make decisions based on clear thoughts, not emotions.

We understand that the thought of having a major life change like this during the holidays isn't anything fun to think about. We are here to help you think about the matters that are going to come up. We want you to look at how these decisions might impact you in the future instead of thinking about how you can make it through the holiday season.

Pennsylvania law now allows adoptee to search for birth parents

For the past 33 years, adoptees have not been able to request a copy of their original birth certificate. This past week, a new law passed that ended that restriction. Adult adoptees — those over 18 and out of high school — can now request a copy of their birth record the same as anyone else.

Why were they unable before? A previous law sealing birth records from adoptees was enacted in 1994. It was passed to address the privacy concerns of parents who were giving their children up for adoption. The law was based on an assumption that the biological parents would not want their identities revealed to their children later in life.

You only have so much control over your work environment

Staying healthy while you work is something that you only have limited control over, especially if there are hazardous substances in your workplace. One of the issues that you might find comes up is that you can't really control your exposure to certain substances. Even if you have proper safety gear, accidents can still happen.

We recently discussed silicosis and how it is a possible hazard for workers in many different industries. This is only one type of exposure that workers might face during the course of doing their job.

Have you discussed your parents' wishes with them?

Thinking about the day when your parents will pass away is not pleasant. There are a few things that you should discuss with them before that day comes. Finding out what their wishes are can ensure you are respecting them in their final days and the period after they die.

On top of making sure that you know what your parents want, you need to find out information that will make things easier for you in the days after their death. These questions should give you a good start on the conversation:

Silica dust poses a significant hazard to workers

Workers who are exposed to silica are at risk of a condition known as silicosis. This condition is caused when the worker inhales crystalline silica. Some of the workers who are impacted by this condition include those in the construction, masonry, steel and various types of mining industries.

Silicosis might not appear right away when you are exposed to the inhalant. Instead, it can take weeks or longer to show up. Oftentimes, the early symptoms include a cough, shortness of breath and respiratory failure. This condition causes severe damage to the lungs and is often fatal. It is progressive and disabling. Smoking cigarettes can exacerbate the effects of silicosis.

Watch your actions during divorce, your children are watching

Parents want to give their children the skills they will need to succeed in life. When you are in the midst of a difficult divorce, you have to think about how your actions will impact your children. Even when you think that they aren't picking up on certain things, there is a good chance that they are paying close attention and taking things to heart.

Because of the nature of a divorce, things are likely going to get heated at some point or another. How you react when this happens will teach your children a lot. As tempting as it is to act short with your ex, make snide comments or give your ex the silent treatment, doing these will teach your children that childish and rude behaviors are acceptable when you are angry.

Workers' compensation can help immensely after a work injury

Any injury that you suffer at work has the potential to mean that your career is over. This is a tragedy; however, the impacts of the injury might be so severe that you can't do your job any longer.

Whether you are able to return to work eventually or not, you have the option of seeking workers' compensation benefits for the injury. Your primary focus when you are injured at work is likely going to be getting medical care. We recognize that you are probably worried about getting the care you need so that your injury doesn't get worse or impact you more than what it already is.

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