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Divorce isn't going to be a quick process

A marriage usually doesn't implode overnight. It takes a good while for a marriage to break down, just as the divorce to legally dissolve the marriage takes awhile to unfold.

It's important that you remember this when you decide to file the paperwork to start the process. There are several factors that effect how long it takes to resolve the matter.

Employees might qualify for workers' compensation after an injury

Sometimes, workers are skeptical of letting their employer know about an accident that caused an injury. There are many reasons for this but many are concerned with what the employer might do after the report is made. Just to be clear: Employers can't retaliate against employees just because of an injury or accident report and subsequent workers' compensation claim.

One factor that can have a direct impact on a workers' compensation claim is the status of the worker. These policies cover employees only. People who are considered independent contractors likely aren't covered, so they won't be able to seek compensation for an injury.

Nurses need to stay as safe as possible when they are working

The nursing profession is filled with hazards, but the men and women who do these jobs are willing to take these risks to ensure that their patients are getting the care they need. It is imperative that all nurses be empowered to take the steps necessary to remain safe while they are working.

While there are many different situations that can occur on a daily basis for these professionals, there are many that can be planned for in advance. Consider these common hazards that nurses face and review some of the ways that the risks might be minimized.

High asset divorce comes with specific challenges

High asset divorces often have complex property division aspects to work through. These matters can make it hard to get things done in a timely manner. One thing that usually occurs is that property has to be valuated. This process isn't simple because it has to consider several factors.

Another thing that often comes up in these divorces is the need to have a forensic accountant take a look at things. This might help you to unearth hidden assets that your ex is trying to keep from you so that he or she can reap the benefits of them after the divorce is final.

Medical marijuana is a hot topic for workers' compensation

Medical marijuana is a topic that seems to be creeping up in the news a lot lately. Recently, there was a Workers' Compensation Conference in Pennsylvania. During this, one hot topic was workers who use medical marijuana. What became evident at the conference is that this is a new area of the law which probably won't have clear answers for a while.

For employers, marijuana poses a conundrum. The drug is still illegal on a federal level, but 29 states, as well as the District of Columbia, allow people to use it for medicinal purposes. Programs like the one in Pennsylvania require patients to have a doctor's prescription for cannabis and to have appropriate documentation. But, what does this mean for employees?

Your divorce has to be based on your circumstances, not other's

The end of marriage is a difficult time for everyone involved. You need to make sure that you are thinking about each step of the process and how your decisions now might affect you in the future. We can help you work through the decisions that you have to make about ending the marriage.

One thing to remember as you go through the divorce is that you have to think of things as they apply to you. Not every situation is the same for everyone. Unique circumstances that pertain to your divorce might not have been the same in a friend's, so don't base your decisions on what happened with someone else's divorce.

Emergency workers aren't immune to depression and suicide

Some people think that being an emergency medical technician or paramedic is a fun job.  While it might be fun, it's also challenging and hard both on the body and the spirit.  The men and women who respond to emergencies see some sights that no human should ever have to see.

It is isn't surprising that the risk of being depressed or even having suicidal thoughts is higher in these emergency responders than in many other professions.  People might think that these individuals get hardened to things that they encounter at work.  This is a myth because they are humans just like anyone else.

Handling increasing dependency that comes with aging parents

The circle of life gets hard to deal with when you have to watch your own parents decline with age. The strong and independent people who reared you now need with basic household and personal tasks.

It is important for all adults to prepare for assisting and advocating for their parents. The following tips may be helpful:

Keep the stress of co-parenting to a minimum

Co-parenting isn't easy for everyone. Personality and parenting style conflicts can make these situations difficult. It's hard enough to present a united front to children when you are in an intact relationship, and all that much harder when the parental relationship is no longer intact.  When you are involved in co-parenting, you need to make sure that you maintain positive vibes so that things don't turn sour.

You and your ex must agree to work as a team. Presenting a united front can help keep the kids on track and it can make the entire arrangement easier since you aren't working against each other. It will help if both adults can agree on clear roles. Try to agree on how to handle issues that come up at each home. Setting rules that can (or cannot) be altered at either house can be helpful.

Workers' compensation should provide benefits for eligible people

There are many injuries that can lead to worker's compensation claims. The important thing to remember about these is that the workers who suffer the injuries should be able to turn to workers' compensation for medical care and disability wage replacement benefits when applicable.

The top priority for injured workers is getting the medical care that they need to begin the recovery process. It is imperative that they take the time to listen to the doctor and to consider the options that they are being given. Without doing this, there is a chance that they might not heal appropriately. Workers' compensation should cover 100% of these medical bills.

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