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What are some benefits payable to those hurt on the job?

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When you’re hurt while at work, you may already understand that you’re entitled to workers’ compensation. What you may not know is how much compensation you’ll be entitled to or the kinds of benefits you’ll be able to claim. These are some of the benefits you can expect if you’re injured or left with a disability due to your workplace accident.

What are the benefits provided by workers’ compensation?

There are several benefits you can receive when you get hurt on the job. Payments for lost wages, death, specific losses and medical care are all possibilities.

When are wage losses compensable?

You can seek out benefits for lost wages if it’s found that you’re totally disabled and can’t work. You may also receive these benefit if you are partially disabled but unable to work.

What are specific loss benefits?

Specific loss benefits are paid to those who have a specific injury that has resulted in the permanent loss of use of a part of the body. For instance, if you’ve lost your hearing, part or all of a finger, a hand or other body part, then these benefits could be paid to you.

Is medical care always covered?

Any time you’re injured at work, you’re covered by workers’ compensation. That compensation includes your medical care. As long as you’re covered under the Workers’ Compensation Act, your employer is required to provide you with workers’ compensation insurance that will provide coverage for medications, hospitalizations, prosthetics, and other needs for as long as is deemed necessary by your medical provider.

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