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To obtain a lump sum workers’ compensation settlement or not

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When a worker in Pennsylvania becomes injured on-the-job and cannot report to work for some time, financial stability is suddenly a real-world issue. The concept of receiving one large lump sum workers’ compensation payment is quite seductive. Access to such funds can solve a great many problems injured workers face in the aftermath of a workplace injury.

Attorneys often field questions associated with Pennsylvania’s lump sum payment option. Injured workers want to know how much the payment may be, what will happen with their medical expenses and more. Like so many aspects of the law, there are no simple answers to these questions. Settling Pennsylvania workers’ compensation cases is often a complicated affair.

In many instances, workers have good reason to settle their cases. However, other times, it may be more beneficial to avoid a lump sum settlement. Frequently, only an in-depth discussion of the worker’s particular situation can provide answers to the many questions and concerns he or she may have. Just like the injured workers themselves, the facts in each case are unique. Having a frank discussion with a workers’ compensation lawyer should reveal the benefits of a settlement as well as any disadvantages that may exist.

While remaining financially secure is often the driving force behind any workers’ compensation claim, it is important not to rush into a situation you might later regret. On our website, you can find many pages dedicated solely to educating Pennsylvania residents about workers’ compensation. We even offer knowledgeable information about workers’ compensation lump sum settlements. Please visit our site to learn more.