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Could your job have caused your cancer?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2016 | Workplace Illnesses |

Suffering from on-the-job injuries is often a big concern for those employed in the Pennsylvania workforce. As such, workers are often careful to practice safety while performing their duties. Of course, attention to safety is a healthy way to approach a job. However, workers must also consider the impact their jobs can have on their overall health. Workplace illnesses, including cancer, can also pose a risk to Pennsylvania workers.

Cancer can occur in a person for many reasons including family history, age, tobacco consumption and even sun exposure. Unfortunately, many of the industries that allow Pennsylvania to grow and to thrive can also play a part in the development of cancer. Research indicates that millions of the nation’s workers are exposed to carcinogenic substances in the course of performing their job duties.

Further, health experts say less than two percent of chemical or physical agents involved in American industries have undergone evaluations for carcinogenicity. Documentation between cancer and occupational exposure have resulted in estimates indicating that 3 to 6 percent of worldwide cancers occur because of carcinogenic exposure in the workplace. Data examining the cancer incidence numbers occurring in the U.S. indicates that as many as 91,745 new cancer cases reported in 2012 occurred due to prior exposure in the workplace.

If you have already received a cancer diagnosis and you believe that your job may have been a contributing factor, you should consider pursuing a workers’ compensation claim. A Pennsylvania workers compensation lawyer can help you with your claim so that you may receive the full benefits that you are due.

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