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Everyone can contribute to workplace safety in Pottstown

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Workplace Safety |

It is true that employers in Pennsylvania are responsible for providing a safe place to work for their employees. This often means supplying workers with working and well-maintained tools, equipment and personal protection gear. However, preventable accidents can still happen even under employers who take workplace safety very seriously.

When workers fail to do their own part to promote safety, they can find themselves suffering from a mild to moderate work-related injury. While workers’ compensation will be there to provide you with much-needed benefits after you accident, wouldn’t it be better to avoid an injury altogether?

We would like to take an opportunity to tell you about some simple and easy-to-integrate tips you can use to make sure you stay safe on the job regardless of your chosen industry.

  • Use correct posture: This protects your back whether you are sitting behind a desk or lifting and carrying heavy items.
  • Always report an unsafe condition: The faster your employer knows about the hazard, the faster he or she can correct the situation and make it safe for everyone.
  • Stay alert to your surroundings: This could mean quickly noticing a missing stair or the presence of slip and fall hazard.
  • Don’t skip your scheduled breaks: A rested mind and body has a better chance of avoiding potential hazards.
  • Use your equipment and tools properly: The work environment is no place to take shortcuts. Always make sure you use any of the tools, equipment or machinery at your disposal as intended.

We understand how important your job is to you and your family. Workplace safety is everyone’s responsibility, and if you have already been injured, we urge you to take advantage of the worker’s compensation claim that is your right. Our website contains additional information about workers’ comp as well as safety in the workplace.