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Workers’ compensation coverage is vital for employees

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

Being hurt at work is a difficult situation for workers. For many of them, the desire to just keep on working to earn a paycheck is great. The situation becomes challenging when that isn’t possible.

Employers have a duty to provide workers’ compensation coverage for all workers who are employed by them. Not only does this help to protect the business, but it also helps to protect the workers.

When an injury at work does occur, there is a chance that you will need to get medical care. You shouldn’t be responsible for covering that cost. Instead, your employer will need to cover the cost through workers’ compensation insurance. Some employers might push back against a claim, but this situation is exactly what this coverage is for.

We understand that you might not know what you need to do once you get the medical care that you need. The truth is that workers’ compensation is sometimes a complex program that confuses people with red tape and jargon. We are here to help handle the details while working with you to make sure that your rights are being respected.

If your injury is bad enough to require you to miss work, you might qualify for the partial wage replacement from workers’ compensation. While this isn’t going to replace your full income, it might provide you with enough income to pay your necessary expenses until you are able to return to work. We can help to ensure that you are getting the benefits you deserve. You shouldn’t get left out in the cold just because you were hurt at work.