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Workers’ compensation should provide benefits for eligible people

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2018 | Firm News |

There are many injuries that can lead to worker’s compensation claims. The important thing to remember about these is that the workers who suffer the injuries should be able to turn to workers’ compensation for medical care and disability wage replacement benefits when applicable.

The top priority for injured workers is getting the medical care that they need to begin the recovery process. It is imperative that they take the time to listen to the doctor and to consider the options that they are being given. Without doing this, there is a chance that they might not heal appropriately. Workers’ compensation should cover 100% of these medical bills.

Sometimes, workers live paycheck to paycheck. These individuals might be tempted to go back to work too soon after the injury occurs just because they need the money to survive. This is where workers’ compensation wage loss benefits come in. There are different levels of benefits, but many people receive 2/3 of their preinjury wages, tax-free, so they can pay their expenses.

Unfortunately, receiving the benefits that you need isn’t always easy. We are here to help you through the process, whether you are being paid and need an expert to double check that everything is correct, or whether you have been denied. We can work with you on positioning your case to be in the best situation to be successful, or we can assist you if you need to appeal a denial of benefits. And be aware that compensation claims have some strict time limits that you must comply with in order to wage a successful battle for benefits.  If you have any question at all, call our office to speak with one of our certified specialist workers’ compensation attorneys today.