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Accidents with heavy machinery can occur with untrained personnel

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2018 | Workplace Accidents |

Operating heavy machinery is necessary for some job positions. It is imperative that anyone who is going to operate these machines learns how to do so safely. When they don’t, accidents can happen. Workers who are injured by unsafe operations might not be able to return to work right away.

One of the worst accidents that can be caused by these machines is a worker getting crushed. Other accidents might include being cut or struck by the machinery. There is never an acceptable reason for a company to allow an untrained person to operate equipment.

If you are injured due to the negligent or unqualified operation of heavy equipment on a job site, you should file for workers’ compensation, which will cover your medical bills related to the injury. Workers’ comp benefits can also provide you with wage loss benefits if you are off work due to the work injury.

We realize that you might not want to have to go through the claims process, but there is no reason why you should struggle just to pay for the effects of the injury. Your employer should be paying the company’s workers’ compensation premiums to handle issues just like this.

There are times when a person who is injured at work won’t be able to return to the same job duties. Workers’ compensation benefits should help until you are able to secure a new position. We can help you pursue every available avenue to obtain the compensation and benefits for which you are eligible.  Call our office today for a free consultation with one of our Pennsylvania workers’ comp attorneys.