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Double Check Your Title Insurance Costs!

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | Real Estate |


The other week I had a service provider come into my home to perform some routine maintenance. After a short period of time, the provider reported that there was a “dangerous” condition in my house that needed immediate attention and that he had a “product” that would address this dangerous condition. Shortly after he left, we received a quotation to repair the condition for a mere $4,000.00! After I calmed down, I contacted two other service providers to have them check out this dangerous condition. They came and informed me that there was no defective or dangerous condition there and that the product the original provider wanted to charge me $4,000.00 for was worthless and would not even fix the problem, even if there was one. So, I saved $4,000.00 by questioning the original recommendation and reaching out to a similar service provider.

That’s what we would like you to do with your title insurance – get a second opinion instead of blinding going with your realtor or lender’s choice! You can save hundreds of dollars in unregulated, “junk” fees by choosing Heartland Abstract! We don’t make up charges to pass on a buyer like document preparation, satisfaction tracking, conveyancing fees, wire fees, or any other fees other than the fees that are regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance. Compare and save money on Title Insurance! You’ll be glad you did!


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