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Five safety tips for construction employers

by | Jul 27, 2020 | Philadelphia Workers' Compensation Law Blog |

Day in and day out, construction workers in Pennsylvania are faced with numerous hazards, many of which can be mitigated with the help of the employer. Below are five tips that employers will want to take into account.

First, employers should know that equipment operators often hurt themselves as they step in and out of equipment. Have them wipe off any mud or other slippery substances from their boots before doing this. If necessary, provide a stepladder. Climbing stairs and ladders can also be dangerous, so employers should train workers to inspect for damage, loose spots and so on. Workers should not be afraid to tell the foreman about any hazards.

Third, there are dangers relating to the loading and unloading of equipment. Ramps should be straight and free of debris. As one worker loads the equipment, another should act as a spotter. Clearance must be granted for loading equipment, and workers must follow tie-down procedures.

In general, workers should be provided with the right personal protective equipment. This means wearing gloves and goggles when using hazardous equipment as well as wearing a back brace when lifting heavy objects. Safety harnesses are essential for elevated surfaces. Footwear should be slip-resistant. Lastly, employers need to ensure plenty of space as cramped work areas are dangerous, especially with large machinery around.

Injured workers can have a case under workers’ compensation law, and if they are successful in filing for benefits, they may be covered for all their medical expenses, and a portion of the income lost during their physical recovery. However, they may face opposition and need to mount an appeal, which can be hard to do alone. With a lawyer explaining and handling each step, the process may go a lot more smoothly.