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What injuries happen at construction sites?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Construction sites appear throughout Pennsylvania. For workers, that might be positive news since an increased number of construction sites opens doors to more job opportunities. Workers realize that construction sites come with many hazards, however. Injuries happen, and they could be serious ones that leave workers recovering for weeks or longer. Recognizing the top causes for injuries may help a construction employee remain alert.

Top injuries workers suffer on construction jobs

Few may feel shocked to discover falls count for a great many injuries. A construction site might be chaotic, with tools, equipment, cords, and other items that could lead to people tripping. Falls from ladders, beams, or other areas of height bring dangerous risks. Such falls might result in fatalities.

Another type of “fall” may lead to injuries. When an object falls out of someone’s hand, people could get hurt. A hammer or another tool dropped from some height could cause severe harm on impact. Large objects may fall, as well. Objects may fall for several reasons, making such incidents ones that often catch people by surprise.

Additional concerns for construction workers

Not all accidents at construction sites are ones people envision. Car, truck, and other vehicle accidents might occur. Vehicles may pick up people or cargo, and, along with cranes and other heavy equipment, may boost traffic at a site. Anyone hit by a vehicle could suffer horrible injuries.

Tools appear in abundance at work sites, of course. Not everyone understands that even a skilled worker could suffer from a tool-related mishap. Workers might also come in contact with live electrical wires, risking electric shock or electrocution. In all of these instances, victims should retain a certified specialist workers’ compensation attorney when they are trying to navigate their workers’ compensation claim.