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The most dangerous jobs in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Pennsylvania is home to a broad-based economy with many workers who perform their job tasks under often dangerous conditions. This is evidenced by the high number of workers’ compensation claims that are filed in certain industries and specific occupations. While many Pennsylvania residents would think that the most dangerous jobs are in mining and in the oil fields of the state, the truth is that the most dangerous jobs are in areas of employment that many do not always consider extremely hazardous.

Public service

When it comes to a high number of workers’ compensation claims, public service actually ranks at the top of the list. This is primarily attributed to injuries suffered by firefighters and police officers. Most of these injuries are filed due to automobile crashes and gunfire, which is no surprise in the law enforcement industry.


While this area of employment could be a surprise, the truth is that much of Pennsylvania is rural and hence agricultural, as all farms must be worked daily. Agriculture is not only difficult manual labor employment, but it is also dangerous in that workers are constantly around machinery and exposed to chemicals and extensive heat in many job situations.


Construction projects are constantly in progress throughout the state, and especially in urban areas like Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Industrial injuries also result in workers’ comp claims, even though many manufacturing facilities also have structured safety programs that are enforced on a daily basis.

Of course, injuries do occur in other occupational fields, such as nursing, and many times can result in very serious injury cases. It is important for all Pennsylvania workers to stay informed about the process of filing a claim for benefits, and to seek the assistance of a certified specialist workers’ compensation attorney to get advice about their particular situation.