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Issues that could change workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation provides financial assistance to workers who have suffered an injury on the job. Nonetheless, as the workers’ compensation rates continue to rise in Pennsylvania and around the country, it is important for employees to stay informed on the various issues that could affect their compensation.

Emerging technologies for risk mitigation

Over time, workers’ compensation systems have adapted to workers’ injuries and needs. For example, workers can now use wearable devices that track their daily activity levels in order to increase the accuracy of medical diagnoses.

However, there is a downside: Devices such as fitness trackers could give employers a reason to seek to deny workers’ compensation benefits if employees, for instance, failed to take a break per the devices’ recommendation. It is important for workers to stay informed on the evolving technologies in order to determine how these new systems will affect them personally.

Health care policy changes

In terms of workers’ compensation, it is important for workers to follow news about updates to health care policies. For instance, there has been a widespread focus on opioid tapering, which affects workers’ compensation claims because poor management of opioids can lead to more complex workers’ compensation cases.  These types of issues are best discussed with your doctor to manage your treatment appropriately.

Data privacy concerns

Cybersecurity issues are likely to increase workers’ compensation costs for workers. For instance, hacking can lead to criminals stealing workers’ personal information and using it in forgery schemes. Workers should stay informed on the latest data privacy issues that are affecting their industry and determine how they can protect themselves.

There are many other issues that affect the insurance industry in general but could also possibly affect workers’ compensation, such as care giving, talent re-skilling and social inflation. The landscape of insurance related to work injuries can affect your case.  Call a certified specialist workers’ comp lawyer to understand your rights.