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OSHA Is Developing Rules To Prevent Heat Sickness At Work

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Several hazards could lead to someone suffering harm at work. Many workers realize that slip-and-fall mishaps or injuries from tools are common. They might not understand how dangerous it is to work in a hot environment. A scorching Pennsylvania summer day might result in someone suffering from dehydration or worse. OSHA seems to be aware of such dangers, and the agency decided to revise rules to address “heat sickness” prevention at work.

OSHA takes action on heat-related safety risks

2021 saw record-breaking heatwaves, and workers across the United States faced unexpected dangers. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) moved to issue an “advance notice” about proposed rules regarding heat injury prevention in both indoor and outdoor settings.

Regarding weather-related incidents, heat-oriented injuries are the leading cause of worker deaths. Sadly, investigations reveal that some deaths were avoidable ones. A person who works too long in a sweltering environment without access to drinking water and getting too few breaks may suffer heatstroke.

When suffering from heatstroke, the body’s temperature rises too high. Organ damage may result, and people could die if they don’t receive immediate care. Those who survive and recover might need to take a long time off from work to recover.

Dealing with the financial burden

Even when taking necessary precautions, a person could experience a heat-inflicted injury. Missing work to recover might lead to financial troubles, so employees may turn to their available workers’ compensation benefits. Pennsylvania is a no-fault workers’ comp state, meaning the injured party does not have to show negligence to make a claim. And workers’ compensation should cover someone who suffers a heat-related sickness on the job.

Workers’ comp claims might not always go forward smoothly.  Having a certified specialist workers’ comp lawyer on your side can help ease the burden for people attempting to navigate the system, and can help to ensure that they get all the benefits they deserve.