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Get workers’ compensation for your hearing injury

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Hearing loss happens as people age, but it’s also a common type of injury in workplaces in Pennsylvania where there’s a lot of loud noise. One of the most common types of hearing loss occurs when people are consistently exposed to loud sounds over a long period of time.

Causes of hearing loss in the workplace

Loud sounds are one of the most common reasons that people damage their hearing while at work. Generally, exposure to loud sounds is constant, and you can damage the sensory hair cells that the ear uses to articulate sounds. Essentially, the hair cells are overworked, causing them to die. These sensory hair cells don’t grow back once they’re damaged, so hearing loss is permanent.

Some of the most common workplaces where hearing loss occurs are places with heavy machinery and equipment, such as those found in manufacturing and industrial work settings. For instance, people who work with sheet metal and those who work in construction, airline maintenance, and assembly line factories are at increased risk of being surrounded by enough long-term noise pollution to damage their hearing. Hearing loss can also happen suddenly, like when a police officer trains with a flash-bang grenade. Workers’ compensation might be a way of getting treatment and a cash payment for the hearing loss.

Is hearing damage covered under workplace compensation?

When you think of workplace compensation injuries, you might think of fall or back injuries, but many types of injuries can be claimed, including any physical injury or disease which happens as a result of work. For hearing loss, the percentage of hearing loss must be calculated to determine what kinds of benefits the employee can receive.

If you work in a place with a lot of loud noises, take care of your hearing now with PPE. But if you think that you might already have hearing damage, you might be eligible for workers’ compensation, so you should contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney right away to learn your rights.