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3 hazards agriculture workers face during the summer months

On Behalf of | Jun 26, 2024 | Workplace Injuries |

Agriculture workers work out in the field in all sorts of weather conditions. They work around heavy machinery doing tasks that can lead to injuries. It’s up to the employers to ensure these workers have safe conditions throughout the time they’re working. 

Workers and employers should understand some of the more common hazards so they can mitigate the risks of them. This must be done on each shift and each season. 

1.Risks from the heat

Heat is a primary danger for workers outside during the summer months. This can lead to heat stroke in extreme cases. Workers who have signs of this, which include profuse sweating or a complete lack of sweat, nausea and vomiting, flushed skin, altered mental state, or high body temperature, should be cooled off immediately. They also need emergency medical care. 

2. Risks from farming equipment accidents

Farming equipment has a lot of moving parts, some of which are very sharp. Workers should be careful around them because of the risk of limbs being sliced off and other similar catastrophic injuries such as degloving. The workers who are operating the machinery should have clear guidelines about watching for other workers, and other workers must ensure they remain clearly visible. 

3. Risks from overuse and exhaustion

Agricultural work is strenuous, so agricultural workers are at risk of overuse injuries and exhaustion. While this comes with the nature of the work, using proper ergonomics while working can minimize the risk of these occurring. 

Any agricultural worker who’s injured while they’re working should get medical care right away. This can be costly, but they should be able to count on workers’ compensation coverage to take care of these expenses. If you’re an injured worker, seek legal representation to get you through this process. To add another layer of complexity to already potential serious medical issues, the calculation of seasonal workers’ wage loss benefits can be tricky and is not handled the same way as the calculation of benefits for other injured workers. Contact one of our certified specialist workers’ comp lawyers today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific situation.