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Workers' compensation claims not always straightforward

If you have ever been injured on the job or become sick because of the work you do, you know that workers' compensation laws are not always clear and concise. They are full of pitfalls that can make it difficult, if not impossible, to claim your injury or illness. One of those injuries could very well be a crush injury.

What are the rules for grandparents' rights in Pennsylvania?

Did you know that grandparents in Pennsylvania can actually be granted child custody rights? Traditionally, if both parents had custody of the child, family law did not provide protection for grandparents and other relatives. Now, however, legal provisions enacted in the past decade offer additional legal options for relatives who have been kept away from their loved ones.

Workers in Pennsylvania may be at risk for heat illnesses

In case you have been spending time in Antarctica this year, it is incredibly hot this summer! Consequently, you might be one of the Pennsylvania workers at risk for heat-related illnesses. Such illnesses can cause extreme sickness and even death, so it is important for the Pennsylvania workforce to gain an understanding of how the severe heat can have a dangerous effect.

Talking about child support: It's easier than you think!

Dividing parenting time during and after a divorce can be difficult enough, but how do you decide how to split your financial duties? Identifying appropriate child support amounts can be a challenging undertaking, especially when income levels are disparate between parents. You may want to send your children to an expensive class or camp, for example, but your co-parent may not entirely agree with the decision. How do you decide how to split everyday expenses and special costs through your child support agreement? Here are some basic tips for negotiating this very important document.

Spinal cord trauma due to workplace injuries

Pennsylvania workers employed in hazardous industrial jobs often face numerous safety risks on a daily basis. Some examples of serious industrial accidents include falling from high elevations, workplace explosions and being injured by defective heavy equipment. Employees who experience these types of accidents often suffer with long-lasting injuries in the aftermath of the initial accident. Injuries to the spinal cord is one such example and will likely cause monumental changes to the victim's quality of life.

Flavorings can lead to lung disease

Did you know that the flavorings used in your food could cause lung disease? As of now, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have not said that consumers are at risk, but there have been cases in which those working in food production plants have been impacted. One of the most prominent cases came out of a popcorn plant where workers had developed bronchiolitis obliterans.

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