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You can make a claim for a workplace injury or fatality

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When you go to work, you’re exposed to all kinds of hazards. If you drive for a living, you may be exposed to dangerous drivers or dangerous roadways. If you’re a laboratory assistant, you may be exposed to dangerous viruses or chemicals. As a construction worker, you could be at risk of being hurt by falling objects or at risk of being struck by a vehicle in your road-side work zone.

All industries have hazards, but controlling those hazards is key to protecting workers. Sometimes, workplaces simply aren’t safe, and that can lead to injuries or deaths. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that 4,679 workers were killed at work in 2014, which amounts to 3.3 workers per day for full-time workers.

That may not seem like a high number for the amount of people in the work force, but any death is one too many for the families and friends who have to live with it. The fact is that many deaths and injuries can be prevented by avoiding hazards in the workplace. Simple things like tethering heavy objects when they’re above workers, cleaning up spills, and wearing the right safety equipment can save lives.

OSHA reports that fall protection in the construction industry is the most commonly cited problem. Without the right equipment, workers can fall from heights that no human can survive. Employers have a responsibility to protect their workers, and if you know your loved one died because of a lack of safety precautions, you may have a claim that you can make. Our website has more information.