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Seeking wage replacement benefits after an on-the-job injury

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When you are injured so badly that you can no longer report to work, you will not be able to earn an income from your family. Fortunately, the Pennsylvania workers’ compensation program has you covered. If you have lost wages due to an on-the-job illness or injury, wage-replacement benefits will help you make your financial ends meet until you are able to return to work again.

At Wolf, Baldwin & Associates, PC, we represent injured workers to help them seek the maximum level of workers’ compensation benefits they can qualify for. When representing clients in their wage replacement benefits claims, we have found that there is one very important question they always have on their minds: How much money can I receive?

In most cases, awarded wage replacement benefits will be approximately two-thirds your previous weekly salary. Alternatively, the wage replacement benefits will be two-thirds of the difference between the amount of money you are currently earning and the amount of money you formerly earned. While two-thirds may not seem like much, Pennsylvania workers should keep in mind that workers’ compensation benefits are not subjected to income taxes, so you may actually be receiving an amount that is fairly close to your previous wage.

In terms of qualifying for wage replacement benefits, workers should also remember that they must have a medical condition or injury that prevents them from working for one week or longer. During the initial week, when wage replacement benefits cannot be received, workers might be able use paid vacation time or sick leave to make up for this loss of income.

If you need to receive wage replacement benefits because of an on-the-job injury, Wolf, Baldwin & Associates, PC, is available to help you. We will listen to the facts surrounding your injury and advise you of your legal rights in a free, no obligation initial consultation.