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What are the most common root causes of workplace accidents?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2017 | Workplace Accidents |

Did you know that some statistics on workplace accidents state that the injured worker is responsible for the accident 80 percent of the time? There are several common “root causes” of workplace accidents and with better safety training and protocol, we can reduce the chances of employees suffering an on-the-job accident.


If you go to work each day thinking that an accident can never happen to you, you might be more inclined to sidestep some of the safety procedures that are in place. While having confidence is good, it should be remembered that you are not invincible.


Taking shortcuts where safety is concerned is one way to find yourself injured while working. Shortcuts can increase the chances that you will be injured in a workplace accident.

Lack of or poor housekeeping

It can be easy for your boss to determine your outlook on safety by simply walking near where you work. Is your workspace clean and tidy? Are there any obvious safety violations? By keeping up with housekeeping at work, you can lower the risk of an accident.

Mental distractions

Life outside of your work can slip into your thoughts, which can cause you distractions. When this happens, you are less aware of your surroundings, which can mean you could be oblivious to a safety issue. Keeping your mind on your work can help you identify a safety issue before it causes an accident.

Neglecting workplace safety procedures

This is one of the worst things an employee can do. Simply choosing to ignore safety practices can lead to an accident that involves you or a coworker. Pay attention to the safety procedures that are in place and ensure that you follow them to the letter.

There are other common causes of workplace accidents, but avoiding these listed above can help you work more safely. If, however, you are injured while at work, remember that you have a right to workers’ compensation benefits. If you file a claim and it is denied, an attorney can help you file an appeal.

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