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Proper tank truck safety is crucial for people who work on them

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No employee is going to head to work one day with the intention of getting injured while they are there. For all workers, including those in the logistics industry, staying safe is a top priority.

Men and women who work near tanker trucks face some unique hazards that they must be aware of each time they are near the truck. Taking precautions while they are working on the truck can help them to make it home safely.

One hazard that you might not think about is having to climb up the ladder on the side of the tank. While this is a common activity, it is actually very dangerous. Anyone who climbs up these ladders must remember the rule of three. At any given second, at least three points of the limbs must have contact with the ladder. This could be two feet and one hand or two hands and one foot.

Once you make it up to the top of the tank, you have another risk — falling into the tank. Many tanks have a cage to prevent you from falling in. It is still best to assume that you should just avoid moving on top of the hole since there is a chance that the cage might be weak.

A third hazard occurs while cleaning the tanks between uses. This isn’t really a risk for tanks that housed nonhazardous liquids. If you are working in a tank that you know contained a hazardous material, pay attention to how you are feeling. Be prepared to make a quick exit if necessary. Always have a safety partner with you when you are doing this job.

Workers’ compensation might help you to get medical care and partial wage replacement if you are injured in a tank truck accident.

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