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All accidents should be reported to your employer

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers who suffer injuries while they are working should be able to turn to workers’ compensation for benefits. This is a special insurance that employers are required by law to purchase to protect themselves from having to pay out-of-pocket when a worker is hurt at work. The benefit to workers is that the insurance will cover their medical bills related to the incident. The workers’ comp insurance will also provide income benefits for missed wages if the wage loss is related to the work injury.

We understand that you might not have an idea about what the system might be able to do for you. Trying to determine how this insurance can help you can be maddening because of the complex laws and policies surrounding it. Even lawyers who don’t practice in the workers’ compensation field are wise not to dabble in this area of law. Our lawyers provide personal service to help you find out what benefits you should receive. We can help you from the initial filing through the final outcome of the case.

Even if you are entitled to workers’ compensation, there are other state programs for which you may qualify. If you can’t return to your original job because of the impact of your injury, you might qualify for vocational rehabilitation through the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. This is not a workers’ comp benefit, but rather another office in the Department of Labor and Industry which is tasked with helping you to learn how to do another job that can provide you with a suitable income.

If you are injured at work, even if you think the injury is minor, be sure to alert your employer right away. This provides a record of the incident so that you can make your claim for workers’ compensation. Even if you don’t think that you are actually injured at the time of the incident, you should still file a report just in case an injury becomes evident later. You might be tempted to just continue working and keep the incident to yourself; however, this might work against you if you do need to file a claim. Every situation is different – don’t be afraid to reach out to a lawyer for guidance. Initial consultations in our office for work injuries are always free.