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How fast do workplace injuries need to be reported?

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2024 | Workers' Compensation |

When workers suffer injuries on the job, they need to report those injuries to their boss, supervisor or manager. The company can then move forward with the process, especially if the worker is injured and needs workers’ comp benefits for things like medical bills or lost wages.

But delaying this report can put the entire claim in jeopardy. It’s important for employees to know that they have to make a report within 120 days of when they know or should have known of a work injury – at most. Ideally notice should be given immediately, or within 21 days. But if they get all the way to 120 days after the date on which they knew or should have known that they were injured, then they are not allowed to seek any form of workers’ comp. The claim has expired.

When people are suffering from progressive diseases due to their work environment, it is not always clear to people that they have been injured. In some cases with a work-related disease, employees have to give notice within 120 days of when they became aware of that disease, such as when it is diagnosed and a doctor indicates that it is work-related. An injury or disease may not always be as obvious as something like a broken arm suffered in a fall.

Obtaining medical evidence

Making the report quickly also helps the employee get the medical evidence they may need to claim their workers’ comp benefits. If they go directly to the hospital or urgent care center, they’ll have medical records of the injury that they suffered, and a record of when and how it happened. This medical evidence can include medical restrictions to show why the worker is unable to perform the duties of their job until they have recovered. 

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