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What steps should you take if you are hurt at work?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2024 | Workplace Accidents |

Workplace accidents are not uncommon and, tragically, some can even lead to death. If you are hurt at work or while advancing your employer’s interests, you may be entitled to financial restitution through a workers’ compensation claim. 

To bring a successful workers’ claim, however, you need to understand your rights and obligations immediately following the incident. Here are three important steps you need to take if you are hurt at work:

Report the incident

Most workplaces have procedures for reporting work-related incidents, whether they result in injuries or not. It’s important that you report your injury to your supervisor and have it recorded as soon as possible. This is an OSHA requirement. If your employer is unaware of your injury, you might have a difficult time proving your case and receiving the compensation you deserve.  The law requires you to give notice to your employer that you suffered a work injury.  If you fail to give notice within 120 days of when you knew or should have known that your injury was caused by work, you might lose the right to pursue the claim.  Giving the employer notice triggers their obligation to accept or deny the claim within 21 days.

Gather your evidence

To be successful in your claim for workers’ compensation, you must show that your injuries happened at work or while advancing your employer’s interests. This is where your evidence comes in. Some of the evidence you may present for your claim includes the doctor’s report, eyewitness accounts, or surveillance footage of the injury. 

File your claim

You might have been hurt at work, and you might have the evidence to show it. However, you must still act in time if you wish to receive the compensation you deserve. In Pennsylvania, if the claim is not accepted by your employer after you gave appropriate notice, you have three years from the date of your injury or when your work-related illness is reasonably discovered to file your claim. Do not let this statute of limitations period run out. 

Workplace accidents happen. If you are involved in one, you should be entitled to workers’ comp. Find out how proper legal representation can help you safeguard your rights and interests while bringing a workers’ compensation claim in Pennsylvania.  Schedule a free consultation with a certified workers’ compensation specialist attorney today.