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Are You Buying & Selling Residential Or Commercial Real Estate?

Buying Real Estate

Purchasing real estate is often the single most expensive purchase individuals or business entities will ever make. Our Southeastern Pennsylvania real estate attorneys pride themselves on being knowledgeable about all aspects of all types of real estate transactions. Specifically, we can assist you in the following areas:

  • Choosing a professional realtor. We have worked with hundreds of realtors throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and can guide you in the selection of a qualified, professional realtor tailored to your specific needs.
  • Choosing a reputable lender. As a result of the mortgage crisis, the mortgage industry has undergone drastic changes. In our capacity as underwriting counsel for many financial institutions, we are well-aware of the regulatory changes that buyers now face. We have firsthand knowledge of the mortgage industry and can guide you in the direction of reputable, stable mortgage lenders for your purchase.
  • Choosing a title insurance company. We can explain plain, common language terms the title insurance process and what title insurer will best represent your interests.

Selling Real Estate

Selling real estate can be a stressful experience. By involving our lawyers before you choose your real estate professional, we can explain plain, common-sense language, the difference between what you want to hear, and what you need to know. We can then guide you in the selection of a qualified, professional realtor tailored to your specific needs. Throughout our careers, we have found that the formation of a cohesive team — realtor, attorney, and client — is likely to produce a satisfactory result to you, the seller.

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