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Workers’ Compensation Case Summaries

Premature Termination Of Benefits

On January 6, 1998, attorney Levi S. Wolf won an important workers’ compensation case in the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court. The case involved important decisions regarding an employer’s ability to terminate the workers comp benefits of employees. Read the Court’s opinion.

What Counts As “In The Course And Scope Of Employment”?

On October 13, 2004, our attorney Levi S. Wolf won an important Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court decision in a workers’ compensation case involving an employee who was injured during a minor and innocent deviation from his work duties. Read the Court’s decision.

Compensation After A Lay Off

Our client fell off a ladder while working as a carpenter’s assistant, injuring his wrist. He received temporary partial disability benefits for a period of time. He was subsequently laid off from his employment position even though he was still under medical restrictions. When it was determined that Claimant needed surgery to correct his wrist injury, our firm was able to secure temporary total disability benefits allowing Claimant to undergo surgery. The matter was eventually settled for $85,000.00.

Our client suffered two herniated discs while working as an electrician. He had permanent restrictions. He returned to work but was then laid off, and his workers’ compensation benefits did not immediately resume. We filed a petition to restart his benefits, got them restarted, and then negotiated a settlement of his case for $160,000.00.

Appealing A Denial

Our client severely fractured his ankle while employed as a maintenance man. He was initially denied workers’ compensation. By retaining our firm, he was able to receive wage loss and medical benefits and undergo the necessary surgery to repair his ankle. This matter was settled for $150,000.00.

Lacerations And Nerve Damage

Our client was working as an electrician when he was injured. He suffered a severe laceration to his arm with nerve damage and ongoing work restrictions. After litigation, we were able to resolve his claim for $80,000.00.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Working as a shipping clerk, had to carry heavy pieces of staircases. The repetitive movement caused him to suffer a torn shoulder ligament. By not being properly compensated since his injury, he was in danger of losing his home through foreclosure. With the help of our firm, this matter was settled for $80,000.00 and he was able to remain his home.

While working as a computer programmer our client suffered nerve damage to his arms from typing. His workers compensation case was denied and his employer did not accommodate his medical restrictions. We litigated his claim and successfully secured his wage loss and medical benefits, and he later returned to work at less than his prior earnings. We settled the future wage loss claim for $200,000.00, and he continued to be entitled to medical treatment for his injuries even after the settlement. He also settled his EEOC claim for $150,000.00.

Injury Description Problems

Our client injured both of her knees while working. As time went on, she developed additional problems related to the work injury, including an anxiety disorder and depression. Our firm filed a Petition to Modify the Description of Injury to include these added conditions. We then negotiated a settlement for $75,000.00 in wage loss along with a fully funded Medicare Set Aside account.

Our client was working as a welder when he injured his neck and shoulder. The workers’ compensation carrier wanted to pay for his shoulder problems, but not his neck problems. We started litigation to include the neck problems, and had to go back to court numerous times to make sure that he received his checks regularly and on time. We made sure that he received all of his wage loss and medical, and later settled the case for $187,000.00.

Recurrence Of An Old Injury

Our client injured her back in 2000 and returned to work and injured her back again 2006. Two different workers’ compensation insurance companies were involved due to the different dates of injury. The employer offered her a job which she was unable to perform due to her work injury. We litigated a modification/suspension petition and successfully preserved her total disability benefits. We later negotiated a settlement of her case for $147,000.00 for her wage loss only.

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