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Any serious injury or illness that prevents someone from working for a significant amount of time can spell financial disaster. That is why workers’ comp offers a wage loss benefit — to minimize the blow to employees who are hurt on the job.

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At the Pennsylvania workers’ comp law office of Wolf, Baldwin & Associates, P.C., we know the effect that a work injury or work-related illness can have on an injured worker and his or her family. We will fight to help you secure or retain your wage loss benefits so you can get through this difficult time.

We do our best to ease the stress and anxiety you may be feeling right now by clearly explaining your rights, the legal issues and how the system works. A lawyer will be available and accessible to you throughout your case.

Wage Loss Benefits: How Much?

The first thing to know is that you are not eligible for wage loss benefits unless an injury or medical condition keeps you from working for at least seven days. For some workers, sick leave and vacation can help with this initial period of loss of income.

After the initial seven-day waiting period, your wage loss benefit would be approximately two-thirds of your previous average weekly wage if you are completely unable to work (totally disabled) or, or two-thirds of the difference between your present earnings and your pre-injury earnings if you can do some type of lower paying job (partially disabled). That said, there are certain circumstances that can change the amount of your benefit if you were injured at work. The correct calculation of your pre-injury average weekly wage (“AWW”) is crucial to you receiving the correct wage loss benefit to which you are entitled.

Wage Loss Benefits: For How Long?

  • Partial disability wage loss benefits (which you would receive if you are able to work but not able to earn your pre-injury wages) are limited to 500 weeks.
  • In Pennsylvania, there is no limit to the length of time you can receive total disability workers’ compensation benefits, but there are various strategies that insurance companies use to stop workers’ comp wage loss benefits.

Workers’ comp litigation usually involves a court battle in which the insurance company attempts to change, limit, or stop wage loss benefits. The insurance company will try different tactics to modify, or suspend your benefits.

If you are totally disabled and receive benefits for 104 weeks (two years), the workers’ compensation insurance carrier may try to change your disability status from total to partial. The insurer may ask you to attend an impairment rating exam. Our work accident lawyers have experience countering these strategies.

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