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At Wolf, Baldwin & Associates, P.C., we know that it is difficult to think about legal, and financial matters after losing a loved one. At the same time, now is precisely when an attorney may be most valuable.

We Can Help With Fatal Claim Petitions For Dependents Of Deceased Workers

Our law firm has more than three decades of experience to draw from in helping you. We know the workers’ compensation process, and local legal community, and we take pride in working closely with our clients by keeping the lines of communication open throughout the process.

Let us put our experience, knowledge, and compassion to work for your unique circumstances. We can help both with pursuing fatal claim death benefits under Pennsylvania workers’ compensation, and also with any probate, estate planning, or inheritance tax issues which may arise.

Benefits For Surviving Family Members

If you are the spouse, or dependent of someone who died because of a work-related injury, or illness, you are entitled to receive compensation for:

  • Any related medical expenses your loved one may have incurred before death
  • The costs of a funeral up to $3,000.00
  • A percentage of the workers’ compensation wage loss benefit your loved one would have been entitled to receive (a spouse can receive these benefits for life, or until he, or she enters into another relationship; also note that the amount of this benefit varies according to the number of dependent children)

If the workers’ compensation insurance provider refuses to pay what you are seeking in a fatal claim (as they often do) — rest assured that our lawyers will be ready, willing, and able to go to battle for you in court. Our attorneys Levi S. Wolf, and Daniel E. McCabe are certified as a specialists in the practice of workers’ compensation law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s section on Workers’ Compensation Law as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Fatal Accidents, And Third-Party Personal Injury Claims

When a worker suffers a fatal accident at work because of the negligence, or recklessness of someone other than their own employer, or a coworker, eligible family members can sue the responsible party for damages above, and beyond what is allowed in a fatal workers’ compensation claim. Our law firm has handled multiple fatal claims associated with workplace accidents, and can help you seek full, and fair compensation.

To learn more about our experience, and ability to protect your interests after a fatal workplace accident, please see our personal injury section.

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Wolf, Baldwin & Associates, P.C. helps surviving spouses, and children throughout southeastern Pennsylvania obtain the benefits they are entitled to under the fatal claims section of the Pennsylvania’s Workers’ Compensation Act. Call our offices directly, or contact our lawyers online for a free consultation.

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